5 Ultimate Facebook Tricks and secret Features that make You Excited!



Facebook is just another world  with a huge population using it. If I would say what is Facebook and how to use it, then this won’t make any sense. We all know how to use Facebook; at least all users are aware about it.

Then why I’m here!

I have found that Facebook let us use only a small part of it. We are still unaware about more features of Facebook. If you want to learn some more tricks and tips for using Facebook, then keep reading. I’m going to share those tricks which you haven’t thought before.

1 -Download/Backup your Facebook data

Many of users are always in a fear of losing their content from Facebook account. In fact, some may find it difficult to lose their information if they lost the password or account details. Don’t worry; Facebook cares you and gives you an advantage to take backup of any posts, photos and videos you have shared, messages and chat history, information from the About section of your profile page, and more.

You just need to click on downward triangle at the top right of the page and select Settings option. Now from the General tab click on the link “Download a copy of your Facebook data. Finally, on the next page click “Start My Archive.” Soon you will get a link to download contains.

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The ultimate hidden trick is @2nd one 

as per our survey 0.0065% of fb users only known this trick!

unlock it by just one Like!


2 -Reply comment with a video

You were using text and images to reply over any post and comment made but you can go beyond. This is a real interesting feature that now you can reply on posts and comments with a video. When you click the camera icon in the given comment box you will find the option to pick a video. You can make your comment more realistic and interesting too.



3 -Sync Facebook calendar with Google calendar

I use my calendar for my day-to-day schedule and life. I organized my activities, weekends and trips with it. You can say that my calendar is my personal assistant. I find it little difficult managing my professional and social life with a single calendar but here comes this idea very helpful. I can easily combine my Facebook and Google calendar in just one. Now I don’t need to look for two different calendars.

You just need to visit Events on Facebook, and now click on one of your “Upcoming events.” The moment you are on the event page, then click on the “Options” button and choose “Export Event” from the dropdown list. Now copy the URL under “Subscribe to all upcoming events on your calendar.”

As you have copied the URL then go to your Google Calendar and from the left-hand side go to option called “Other Calendars.” Here from the “Other Calendars” you need to select “Add by URL”. The moment lightbox opens up then paste the URL you copied from Facebook and Facebook Calender will now sync with Google Calendar.

4 -Get your photo albums available offline

One doesn’t need to be available online every time for viewing your photo albums. They can view it offline too. If your mom wants to view it, then she doesn’t need to join Facebook; an offline link will work for you. To make a photo album available offline, just open an album and click on the Settings icon. Here you need to select the Get link. You can easily copy and paste this link to anyone and send via email and message.

5 -Save links for later

We use to see numerous of news feeds, information, and posts daily. But we used to skip due to lack of time. Sometimes we think that we will read it later but unable to do that and the reason is that we lost it in huge flood of post. We have a solution for this; we can save it for later reading. YesBusiness Management Articlesyou can save it and read it later as per you convenience.