All of Our Best – And – I Can’t Stop Seeing You


All of Our Best

In part, we were designed specifically by you

From the wolf our many breeds flow

But part of what we are, we became, for you

Compared to humans, our life span is short

And because the time we have here is limited

We have put all of the best into our years

We live life to the fullest, soaking it all in

Whether it is something joyful, scary, or sad

We cannot afford to waste a precious day

For us there is such little time to spend

to do all that all dogs like and need to do, and

If given a choice, we would do it all with you

You complete our lives and make us whole

Because we delight in the time we are with you

We give you all that is good in us to give

If you have hurt us or we have angered you

When we gaze at you, it is with tender regard

Deep in our souls, though you may not see it

The expression you get when you look at us

And your eyes are full of gratitude and love

That is how we see you in our hearts, always

So, when next you take that quiet moment

And we connect, eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart

Know, for me, a day is a lifetime

And love is a gift… we both give


Copyright 2007 by Kathy Pippig


I Can’t Stop Seeing You

It was a beautiful day in the mountains

Fresh snow lay cool on the forest floor

Giant Sequoias pierced the winter blue

The trip was all we had hoped for, and more

As we drove down the mountain highway

and your Golden form came into view

pacing determinedly on the inner shoulder

it was so unexpected, this vision of you

A purposeful air to your quickening stride

You paced onward as our van drew near

Away from homes, far from a safe path

You were a sight, heartbreakingly dear

What were you doing out there by yourself?

I could find no answer that eased my dread

Had you been abandoned? Were you lost?

Fear for your safety screamed in my head

Please stop the car and turn around I pled

as we had passed him, continuing our drive

Poor thing must surely be lost or worse

chances were he would not long stay alive

Could you tell? Was he wearing a collar?

Please go back to him, stop, and let’s see

He may have tags with his name, a number to call

If he were my dog, wouldn’t you do that for me?

Besides, it’s not safe to leave him out there

It’s getting dark, he won’t be as easy to see

There’s room in the van, we can bring him inside

Please! He’s alone and not where he should be.

But to my rising horror our pace didn’t slow down

My words had fallen on closed hearts and deaf ears

I looked back and saw him as he rounded the bend

My spirit in sorrow, my eyes filled with tears

Feeling angry, now, I knew, would not help him, so

I turned back as the beauty around me rushed by

It was so clear that the Retriever was searching…

for something only he could see in his mind’s eye

I prayed, “Please, God, don’t leave him alone.

Lead him to shelter, a safe harbor for the night.

Guide him to his loved ones. If not, to a new home.

I’m sorry we didn’t stop, Lord. Please make it right.”

His striding form played again in my head

but this time the Golden was not alone

for with every step his paws did tread

a pair of angel’s feet kept pace…

to lead the Golden home.

Copyright 2004 by Kathy Pippig

Source by Kathy Pippig Harris