How to Fix when Yahoo Account is not Loading in Google Chrome


Google Chrome is now undoubtedly the best web browser of the World Wide Web. More than 44.5% of total web users are using the Google Chrome. Sometimes, Yahoo users face some problems in loading their email accounts in Google Chrome. If you are having the same problems in your Yahoo account, here are some quick fixes for it.

  • Clear the Browser Cache: The Browser cache collects the temporary actions of the web pages for a faster loading. But sometimes, it prevents the action of the web page as the data gets corrupt with time. You need to clear the cache of the browser to fix the issue. To clear the browser cache in chrome, go to the Toolbar and click More Tools and the Clear Browsing Data. Click the check boxes of Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. And then click Clear browsing data.
  • Update the browser: Any website runs best in an updated version of browser. The performance of most of the Yahoo products is hugely based on the browser. The Yahoo Mail may not work properly if you are using an old version of the browser. If you are using an old version of the Chrome browser, then update it urgently.
  • Restart the System: Sometimes, your system can not execute any command due to over-heating issues. If your system is running for long time, then restart it. And can try to load your Yahoo account in Google Chrome after the restarting.
  • Enable Java Script: Sometimes, JavaScript is not enabled in the Chrome and Yahoo confronts some problems like hidden or misplaced text, difficulty performing or viewing and inability to click icons for that. You should enable JavaScript in Chrome from Setting>Show Advance Setting>Privacy>Content Settings and select Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended0.
  • Disable Browser Enhancement: The third party browser enhancement creates problem with the display of Yahoo. You need to disable the browser enhancement to get a seamless service. To disable the enhancement, you need to open Chrome click Menu and then go to More Tools>Extensions. If you have any extension, Remove it.
  • Disable anti-virus: Sometimes, the anti-virusBusiness Management Articles, firewall and antispyware programs disrupt the action the websites. If you need to temporarily disable those program to load your Yahoo account in Google Chrome. You need to check the website of the respective antivirus program to disable it.