Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back With These Sample Texts and Tips


Text messages can be quite controversial to use to get your ex boyfriend back and because of this, a lot of women think long and hard before jumping on the bandwagon.

Of course, it does not help that a lot of relationship advice circulating in the World Wide Web nowdays say that trying to text an ex boyfriend back would not be advisable, in general. The good news is that there are some dating gurus online who see how powerful text messages can be to reignite the communication lines with an ex boyfriend, though.

What should you do, then? Should you try your luck at texting your ex boyfriend back or try to do so through other ways? Well, it really just boils down on what your plans look like. If you have concrete plans on how to get your boyfriend back through text, then go for it. If you are just planning to wing it and listen to your gut, then you might want to avoid texting him instead. It's that easy.

See, although there is nothing wrong with text messages per se, there are some women who simply do not know how to text guys to begin with. This makes them look desperate, needy and insecure in the end when they try to. Some women get extremely pushy, too, and try to force or blackmail their ex boyfriends into answering to them.

So, before grabbing that mobile phone, keep these things in mind first:

– Make sure all of your text messages make sense and have a purpose behind them.

– Do not threaten your ex boyfriend just so that he will reply to you.

– Stay as nice and as happy as you can when you text.

– Compliment him a little bit every now and then.

If you need some sample text messages that you can send to get your ex boyfriend back, then here you go:

– "Have you seen Ben Stiller's new movie yet? Reminded me of your Zoolander impressions." So happy we're still friends. "

– "I heard John Mayer is in town.

– "There was this husky in the park today.

These text messages will work when trying to get your ex boyfriend back because they simply remember your ex of positive things and compliment him a little bit at the same time. Try them!

Source by Paul Tisdell