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Many challenges

In Golf Battle, the distance between the hit and the hole after each round will be longer. It means there will be many obstacles on your sight. The more you practice, the more concentration and experience you will have, which is in order to avoid penalties. The penalty consists of hitting the ball into the water, flying out, or over time (in Rush mode). Be really focused and alert because this is not a regular golf course with simply putting the ball in the hole. This is Golf Battle, in which you will have to play against a lot of other players. Sometimes, the victory is determined only after the last shot.

More game modes, more fun!

Golf Battle has two game modes for you to choose from including Classic and Rush. While the Classic mode is still the traditional way of playing, in which hitting the ball into the hole with as little strokes as possible, the Rush mode brings a higher pace that urging players to quickly hit the ball into the hole. Basically, that’s it, but to be able to win in every game with the fastest time, surely you will have to know more than that.

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