Hike Run-How does the hike run feature on Hike Messenger work?And clear Info about Hike run!


Hike Run-How does the hike run feature on Hike Messenger work?And clear Info about Hike run!

We are so used to using mobile that Hike has now come up with an idea to make work out easy and to stay fit along with your friends.

What is hike run?
Hike run is an encouraging move to work out with friends. It’s a simple health monitor that keeps monitoring the number of steps you walk.

How is it encouraging?
It’s encouraging because it keeps updating the steps walked by you as well as that of your friends. This way you tend to walk more in competition with them. And yes, there’s also a rank board to show where you stand. As you see the rank board, you tend to improve your ranking.

Is the application really count steps?

No, it doesn’t count your steps. I’ll demonstrate it so easily!

Case 1: Initial case when I am totally not introduced how to use it. For me, initial number is 113

Case 2: I walked from one room to another room of my house with a normal walking style and speed. Now it is showing 127 steps in total.

Case 3: Then I returned from that room to my starting room of the house. Note that this time I walked like a cat without any vibration to my phone. I simply took enough care to avoid all type of disturbance to the stability to my phone. See the app says that I only took 3 steps for the same distance.

Case 4: Now I took my seat and shook my phone vigorously for about 5–6 seconds without walking a single step. Now what? It is showing me that I walked 20 more steps. Woah! I burnt so many calories. I am so happy 😛

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Try to experiment by yourself. So why did this happen?

Basically, be it Hike or any similar application, they never track your steps and calories. They track their own steps and movements. There are various sensors in your smartphone and accelerometer is one of them.

An Accelerometer is nothing but a sensor in your mobile which measures the acceleration force that is applied to your device on all three physical axes (x, y, and z), including the force of gravity. Motion detection is done by the tilt, shake or any other movement.

So, whenever you are walking or running, your mobile is getting the adequate amount of shakes and it is counting the mobile’s movement as your own movement. It is good for entertainment but don’t take these apps seriously.

 so how they count?
It’s just based on some sensors like accelerometer. It doesn’t count the steps technically. It counts the number of jerks or shakes the phone experiences based on the readings from accelerometer. In some cases, it’s also integrated with GPS or other such navigation chips. Colloquially, it’s called Pedometer or Step counter. Whenever we make a step, there’s a change in the magnitude of an axis of the accelerometer ( Usually the x-axis, but it depends on how one holds the phone). So, as long as you don’t purposely shake your phone, it’s value is almost equal to the number of steps you make. No equipment can achieve 100% accuracy as step distance, frequency, time taken for each step varies from person to person.