How to earn Bitcoin without mining- 1-3$ an hour! -playstore apps- Patience matters.


First of all, visit full article then decide it was fake or not. We decided to show with full proofs, without publishing any apps here, we post links of playstore apps, which were verified by Google Play Store.


You need to install Bling apps.

Bling Inc, is a company which provides Bitcoins by playing match 3 + games, usually they look like playing candy crush!

Bling company actually had 3 apps, search bling and you will find bling apps

I suggest to go for 3 apps totally, primarily Bitcoin blocks app is easiest one to earn.

Bling apps actually earns alot of money and shoots some pennies to players. They throw a ad on your face after every level,

Wait, ads are not skippible everytime, sometimes they are unskippable 30 second horrible ads!

Here comes the iceberg of bling!


As you can see, their ads and their ad system is improvised to new technology. New apps such as adblockers cannot block that much, if you switch off data, game won’t work as it need to send data to servers.

Here comes the sword, the oldest app of ad blocker still liked by many-

BLOCKADA ad blocker!

You can find it on Google, you cannot get in playstore as it successfully blocks all Google ads and other in-text ads.

You can use any ad blockers if you don’t trust BLOCKADA, but as per my 3 year experience, you cannot get any adblockers like BLOCKADA.


Now start playing, you can earn 0.3-0.5$ per hour with ads, without ads- it’s free real-estate! I can say 1-3$ as per your gameplay.

They had 3 apps-

Bitcoin blast

Bitcoin blocks

Bitcoin soliatre

Just go for Bitcoin blocks, it’s tap to play game.


There is no rule to play only bling games, there is alot of gams like this, just type Bitcoin in games section of playstore or YouTube it.

You can improve your earnings, let’s talk about payment first.

They are affiliated with coinbase wallet company, so you must need that wallet. It’s very easy, press cash out in these games and it says to fill your details and boom, your account gets created and payment will be sent with in minutes.

Then, you can transfer to your wanted wallet from coinbase wallet.

Minimum Satoshi for transfer is 546, which is pretty easy to earn- like 10 minutes of play!

Bonus step:

This includes of account ban, beware!

The data has been sent to their servers after completing a level,

They sent a packet usually, saying this guy earned 100, so add 100 to his total amount and packet names some url with -100 ending at last.

Install http cavalry from playstore to hack those packets! Open the app, it opens in split screen automatically, and then finish level ordinarily, after finishing the game, just go to that split screen and check the earnings you got, if you got 3 stars in the game, you usually gets 103 in-game points, so just check for url with -103 at ending

And then boom, after you finding edit that points with your wanted points, usually more than 1000 points are not allowed as system recognise you and gets banned. So just add multiples of 103- like 206 or 309 and don’t exceed 1000.

If you want to take risk on another mobile, try this, or else no problem, earn 1-3$ per hour in a legal way.

Good luck, enjoy!