How to recover Google account using your date of birth only – includes all possible ways!


What does Google account recovery mean?

Meaningfully, Google mail account recovery is a platform that permits the genuine account holders to get back the access to the lost service due to adverse conditions. Generally, Google mail account recovery is possible through the registered phone number or alternate email, yet security questions also work when previous data is not accessible. You know that account recovery lets resetting a forgotten password. Therefore if you wish to discover how to recover Google password, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the login page enter your Google ID and tap forgot password link
  2. Next provide any old password or just tap Try another way
  3. Next select either phone call or SMS to receive a code from Google in registered number
  4. Then copy and paste the code on recovery page and move to password reset page
  5. Or just hit I don’t have my phone to receive code in your recovery email
  6. Next, get code from email and paste on recovery page
  7. After moving to the password reset page you can create a new login password

How to use the birth date to recover a Google account?

Google account recovery date of birth is also much possible like any other but it works only when set as your security question. Hence, follow the instructions from below to recover Google account using the birth date:

  1. Go to the recovery page of Google and enter ID
  2. Next, enter old password or tap try another way
  3. Then on the next page tap on I don’t have my phone
  4. On the next page, click Try another way once more
  5. Hereafter, answer security question option will appear next
  6. Select security question and then provide the correct birth date for answer
  7. Then submit answer and get transferred to reset page
  8. Now create a new Google password for your account and save it

How to contact Google support team for account recovery?

Moreover, you can always contact the support team of Google whenever account recovery doesn’t work. If you are willing to learn the ways to contact for Google account recovery then get details from below:

  1. You can dial the customer service number of Google to receive the account recovery assistance
  2. Next, you can go to the Google support page and ping the technical team on the live chat box for receiving better guidance for account recovery
  3. You can also contact for Google account recovery via dedicated email support

Hence, all the details you need to know about the Google account recovery using Date of Birth are suitably disclosed above. Besides

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, you can always rely on the customer service team of Google to get more details or resolve any doubt regarding account recovery.