Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer: A Brief Comparison


The launch of Windows 10 bought Microsoft Edge with it. The old Internet Explorer got replaced by Microsoft’s new built-in browser. Still you will see the traditional Internet Explorer in Windows, Don’t worry. But if you want to experience faster browsing then the Edge Browser if for you. Also Read: Most Private Browser

Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer: Features

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge offers you some great features like Cortana, Web Note, Reading which might not be there in the latest Internet Explorer 11. It’s web note feature highlights & annotates things out directly on web pages. For later viewing, you can also save PDF flies, web pages to your reading list with the Reading View. It’s Cortana feature gives you one click access to things like Restaurant reviews without leaving the page.

Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 offer its users with modern standards output, enterprises additional  security, backward compatibility, manageability & performance.  It supports nine document modes which includes high-fidelity emulations for previous versions of Internet Explorer.

It also supports WebGL, HTML5 & CSS3 which ensures today’s modern applications & websites work same as our old legacy apps & websites. It reduces your risks with its security features like Enhanced Protected Mode & SmartScreen. IE11 is more secure than its previous versions & is designed keeping security measures in mind.

It takes advantage of JavaScript rendering and network optimization, hardware-accelerated text, graphics making it significantly more faster then its older versions. IE 11 includes more than 1.6K Group preferences & policies for granular control & it can also use the IEAK 11 or MSI’s for deployment.

Easier Sharing

The Edge browser provides a built-in Share button on its navigation bar making it easier for you to send pages to your friends. It also pulls up the installed applications that works with this feature such as Twitter, Facebook etc. Now you can post the links on Social Media in a single click.

IE 11 comes with a simple & easy sharing function provided in the Charms menu but the feature is only available in Windows 8, this feature is missing in Windows 10.


Internet Explorer comes with a limited number of add-ons, the number is even less then 30 which is quite less then the extensions provided in other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. Microsoft Edge also don’t have a large variety of extensions but it also supports other extensions including its own. The company has announced that it will also include the extensions compatible to browsers like Firefox & Google Chrome. But the extensions are nowhere to be seen in the current version. May be in future, there will be an add-on in the extensions.


In today’s time, if you have stuck with the Internet Explorer in your windows device then the Edge Browser is best for you. The improvements made in the browser makes Edge one of the best browser. There are also several options available to you like Google Chrome, Opera & Mozilla Firefox, you can also try these.