Money race 2 mod apk unlimited spins- financial and investing game


Money race 2 is a amazing game with investment – trading knowledge skills.

It is a learning and educational game. Wmedium.comhich starts with a beautiful motivational quote.

This small game is so beautiful that a big knowledge and media company named written an article about it.

And after a quote, game starts. Where you can see your assets, business shops, houses, liabilities, balance sheets- whatnot .. you will see everything.

But there is a worst angle in this game.


everything you can do is decided using the spins, and they were pretty scared and rare. You will get a spin for every 2 minutes.

And if you want to buy a shop or what you want, it is by luck-you cannot decide which one to buy. You can only decide a given asset to BUY or PASS.

This is cruel, as game should be balanced and it should give more scope to buy our own assets. Other than that this game is a gem of all educational games- especially at age of 20 plus people who has enthusiasm in business and trading.

So we providing all for-

Unlimited spins

No ads

No unlimited money(as game is to earn money- how you will get entertained if it was unlimited?)

No timer for spins

No popup and inlink ads from sponsors

*App is scanned by Kaspersky and it was virus free- you can scan where ever you want and post a comment.

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