5 Powerful Keys To online Advertising Success-The new Innovative way for our Business


5 Powerful Keys To online Advertising Success

1. Online Advertising Develop Trust – Think about it… you don’t just buy, you buy from specific shops. If some days those shops… Your shops are closed for some reason, you wait for them to re-open. Yes… you don’t just go to any hair dresser, you have your very own specific hair dresser or clothes shop, or even coffee/ diner. You aren’t satisfied with
anything less.

Why do you do so- Usually it is because you feel they are sensitive to your very special needs and their services are meant just for you. Hence you believe in them totally… even to the point of accepting price hikes without a murmur.

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So Win your customers trust:

– Do not be cold/ impersonal… be warm and outgoing.

– Do not sell outright and show you are after their money.

– Inform them honestly and make them feel that you have their well being at heart.

– Be Sensitive to their needs and advise sincerely.

– Make them develop a sense of belonging to your inner circle – this is a very powerful motivator…you belong to a culture/ country/organization/system of belief and you are fiercely loyal to it. So make your customers belong to you.

2. Repetition is the key To Advertising success- keep repeating your ads until people notice you.They begin to develop an image/aura about you.Then ultimately their level of awareness reaches a crescendo where they simply can’t ignore you any longer. Yes their psychological gear shifts forcing them to try you out or burst.

Yes… you need to be seen everywhere at the same time and create a ‘buzz’ about yourself. The concept that your sales message needs to be seen at least 7-10 times before it sinks in holds true even today. This also works towards developing trust… Since you are online advertising aggressively,logic follows that you are getting sales and you must be good.


3. Strategic Planning- Before you can launch your satellite… Oops! Website into cyberspace you need to plan… yes you need a rock solid advertising strategy.

You need is a:

– Long term Plan: This is to ensure long term survival. Search Engine Submission, Power Linking; Content development and promotion through articles, viral strategies; Power branding; Newsletter/ mailing list are some long term strategies that will enable you to develop a truly ‘set it and forget it’ business.

– Short term Power Plan: This is to ensure immediate climax and comprises: Site Blasts; safe lists; ezine advertising; guaranteed visitors; press releases; TV/Radio ads. Advertising is a never ending cycle. Winter months October to March are best for short term strategies, while summer months may be geared more towards development and long term planning.

4. Target your Market- For maximum effect you need to target your niche market… yes, reach those people who are most likely to use / are really interested in your product/services. Say if you are selling toys… you will get powerful results if you advertise on TV channels usually watched by kids, or on kids websites.

5. Leverage To Power – If you are familiar with basic principles of mechanics, leverage is the concept that a very small push at one end of a lever produces a gigantic movement at the other end (ie. a very small effort gives you a big return). Or in terms of a chemical reaction, if you remember your high school chemistry, you will recall that a catalyst is a chemical stimulant the addition of microscopic quantities of which can trigger mega
sized changes in a chemical reaction.

In essence you need the power of leverage, that is small actions to produce gigantic results. Simply put you need a power blast to launch in to orbit.

To achieve this:

– Grab the ‘best bang for your bucks’ advertising
– Go in to Joint ventures advertising/ promotion .
– Grab Special offers etc.

Just keep your eyes Free Articles, ears and e-mail boxes open. You will discover a whole treasure trove of megalithic advertising up for grabs. Use it.

At conclusion we can say that these tips help you a lot of money rendering advertising process.for more Queries contact us at [email protected]