Revival Fire, a Book Critique



Dr. Wesley Duewel, evangelist, pastor and missionary for more than fifty years, also author of Touch the World Through Prayer, Let God Guide You, Ablaze for God and Measure Your Life, has impressively compiled in brief chapters an incredible mass of material on revival that ignites the heart and stimulates the mind. The body of Christ is greatly indebted to him for vividly presenting the biblical teaching that we cannot earn revival although we may share in preparing the way of the Lord.

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Duewel traces revival from Elijah (and God”s tremendous one-day revival of Israel) to America, China and Africa echoing throughout that these were all brought about by obedience and heartfelt prayer. He vividly explains how God used revival fire right down the ages to revive the church and reveal the glorious presence of the Holy Spirit. It is evident the deeper the prayer of obedience, the more widespread God”s out poured revival through the power of the Spirit can become. The lives of Asa, Jehoshaphat and Savonarola prove that one person can turn the tide while that of Whitefield supports the view that no one is too young to be used by God. Witnessing and evangelism are portrayed as God-ordained and are constantly used by God. Most revival movements have been characterised by deep conviction of sin and much public confession.


Duewel clearly teaches about the covenant of revival of II Chronicles 7:14 showing how God on countless occasions has fulfilled the revival covenant for a family, church community, region or nation. Teaching that the Holy Spirit is the leader in the God-sent revivals negates spurious teaching. He gives invaluable insight by teaching that revival fires can be spread by oral and written testimonies, newspapers, radio and TV, letters and over the phone citing Wales, Ireland, India, the 1858 revival in the United States, North China and camp revivals as supportive evidence.


He could have merged some chapters (example 8 and 9) since they deal with the same individual. There are several subsections in some short chapters that affect the flow of reading. One would have expected him to include a separate chapter like Riley (1933) on husbanding or sustaining revival.


The above notwithstanding, no pastor, lay reader or church member should fail to read this invaluable book which is a clarion call to every one willing to enter the revival covenant.

Source by Oliver Harding

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