Unbelieveble Freaky player of COC- level 202,TH6,2574 war stars!See amazing facts about….


coc incredible player

RENONV…..The freaky player of Clash of clans….

Even SUPERCELL wont understand how he Exist……

Lets see Amazing facts about him that you cant really believe…

so we will show with proofs…..you too watch him see TAG at last of the Page.

RENONV the oldest player of coc playing daily with Town hall 6!even a single player finish TH6 with in maximum of 1 month time.

but he plays too long that is approximately 5 years…

Lets see some Quick amazing facts….

  1. He is level 202 with Town hall 6.Even no player found with townhall 6 and townhall 7 with 202 level.
  2. He was a player having highest War stars next to 20 other legendary league players!Sound Great right!
  3. He donated more than 8,00,000 troops.the 0.00000001% of COC players only beaten his donation said at SUPERCELL meeting.coc incredible player
  4. He destroyed 4000+ townhalls!this is beaten by 0.0001% of Clash of clans players…
  5. He also destroyed 2600+ walls,4000+ builder huts….and many more facts.you can see Screenshots of his profile.coc incredible player coc incredible player

6.With TH6 he also destroyed 37 xbows and some Inferno towers!!!!

7.He also have Hallowen cauldrons, tombs and many interesting things like Christmas trees.

coc incredible player

8.This is really really rare Christmas tree of 2013!that was the year Clash of clans plannes to start serving of christmas trees.coc incredible player

9.This is rare tree of christmas at 2014.we can see this tree at some of our legendary leage player bases.coc incredible player

10.This tree is belonged to 2015 christmas.He was patiently waited another year…..coc incredible player

11.This is 2016 christmas tree…As for Proof i Screenshoted the trees and things with player name for your belief.coc incredible player

Finally by seeing this If you cant believe we can only say a thing!That is

Open the Clash of clans and search for this TAG #8JYYUUOY